On My Playlist Right Now – December, 2018

Music continues to play a vital role in our Christian lives. To think that God actually had an angel who was made of musical instruments, tells us how important music is to our father. As men, we will always find comfort, encouragement and a means to worship our creator through music.

This month #OnMyPlaylistRightNow comes with an interesting twist. We had the Admin at The Christian Blog Ghana, tell us all about her favorite music. As usual, we believe this will help us choose new music for our playlists. Introducing, Delali Sogah and her top five artists.

My Top 5 (plus 1) Music Artists – by Delali Sogah

I love music and my choice of music changes depending on my mood, the time of day it is, as well as the situation I find myself in. Don’t be shocked if you hear me mention different names or artists as my favourite on different days.

The following are my best five music artists at the moment:

(Warning: you may find a few more than five names and songs below, lol😁)

1. Dr Tumi – I seem to have an affinity for very slow gospel tunes or what is popularly known as worship songs and I believe Dr. Tumi is one person who is able to move me with his lyrics.

His songs such as ‘Wafika’ ‘Nothing without You’ ‘Someone like me’ are all beautiful. The man makes you fall in love with God and if you love Him already, you’ll fall in love with Him all over again. But my all-time favourite from him is ‘Speak a Word.’ That song is exquisite. You should check it out if you haven’t done that yet.

2. William McDowell – He should have probably been the top on my list. I discovered William way back during my undergraduate days. I remember this ‘Take me to that place, Lord. To that secret place, where I can be with you. You can make me like you. Wrap me in your arms…’ – lyrics from Wrap me in your Arms.

I also love ‘I Give myself away’ ‘Withholding Nothing’ I belong to you’ ‘Show me your face’ and every other tune from this man.

3. Sonnie Badu – For some reason, I’m able to relate to Sonnie Badu and his lyrics. He is also a worshipper who does praise at times.

I love my ‘Soul says Yes’ ‘Rejoice’ ‘Still you Reign’ but my favourite, favourite song of his is ‘Jesus Kasa’ which he did with Darwin Hobbs. That song is something else. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G track by all standards, inspiring lyrics that keep blessing you the more you listen to it.

4. Nathaniel Bassey – I love this Nigerian.

From afar, you can sense his humility and when he blows his trumpet, I feel the

Heavens opening. ‘You are God’ ‘Imela’ ‘Casting Crowns’ but my favourite from him is ‘This God is too Good.’

5. Travis Greene – At a point in my life, I kept listening to Travis Greene and his music spoke volumes to me at the time.

I really loved ‘his Intentional’ ‘You waited’ ‘Made a way’ but currently, his collaboration with Tim Geoffrey in ‘Nara’ is a hit.

6. Joe Mettle and every inspiring song of his – I do not only love Joe Mettle’s music but I believe his personal story is very motivating as well.

I love ‘Vovome’ ‘This is the air I breathe’ ‘Onwanwani’ ‘Turning Around’ but ‘Bo Noo Ni’ is my all-time favourite. That song introduced most of us to Luigi Maclean when he was featured and made some of us realise he’s been backing Joe Mettle all this while. Luigi Maclean also has a new single which is out now. ‘Amazing God’ by Luigi Maclean is also a beautiful tune.

I also love Chorale music and I listen to the Philharmonic Choir, the Harmonious Chorale, and The Tema Youth Choir, among others. These songs emanate peace and provide you with the rest you need to have in the Lord.

There are other musicians I love and follow like the Tagoe Sisters, The Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Donnie McClurkin and so many others but I would like to keep the focus on the ones listed above for now.

About Delali Sogah:

Delali Sogah is a Ghanaian Christian Blogger who blogs at https://thechristianblogghana.com/
Delali loves to package the gospel creatively and that can be found in the nature of content she produces on her blog.


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