Wisdom Services

Wisdom Treasures will be bringing to you;


A verse of scripture is shared with accompanying visuals daily. We believe God speaks to us through his Word, The Bible. #DailyWisdom, we will help you choose a verse, to meditate on through your day.





We all love some good music.

#OnMyPlaylistRightNow will be exposing you to Godly music you will love. Expect artist reviews, exclusive interviews, discoveries and more on this monthly feature.




Reviews and up coming movies, #WisdomFilm will be looking into the Christian movies out there you and your family can enjoy.






Many Christians do not enjoy Bible study. #WisdomStudy brings to life the same scriptures you find boring. You can even discover new ways of enjoying your quiet times.





There are many books you can enjoy as a Christian which will help build your faith. #Wisdombook will show you a few books, you can add to your library.